We Dance

A gallery of images from my We Dance series
These are not photographs nor do they contain any thing or any person that exists in what we generally refer to as 'The Real World'. All my dance 'performers' have been carefully constructed from my experiences and observations on life.

These athletic forms embrace such beauty and grace that demand to be studied and examined in minute detail. Below you will discover a selection of digital images created from my studies of these beautiful dancers.

The above images are available as either signed, limited edition, fine art prints or it may be possible to acquire ownership via my NFT Gallery.
All the prints are produced on museum quality paper using the best inks available. They are also available framed too.
Please get in touch if you're interested in acquiring any of these.

We Dance

We Dance Together

A mission to capture the athletic beauty of dance
Ballet has always fascinate me and I was once fortunate enough se backstage during a World Class performance of Swan Lake. I was captivated by the sinuous muscularity of the performers and how every movement of their carefully honed bodies produced perfect poetry.

We Dance is my humble attempt to recreate the poise and grace of these talented performers whose beauty is beyond compare.
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