Distorted Fantasies

A gallery of images from my Distorted Fantasies series
Sometimes I like to escape the real world and let my imagination run wild, creating images that question our reality. Images that explore fantasies and fact. Images that are a little quirky and not always what they seem.

My images are never intended to offend or insult. They are pure fantasy and I hope you will a accept them as such and enjoy viewing them.

The above images are available as either signed, limited edition, fine art prints or it may be possible to acquire ownership via my NFT Gallery.
All the prints are produced on museum quality paper using the best inks available. They are also available framed too.
Please get in touch if you're interested in acquiring any of these.


Distorted Fantasies

A glimpse into a disturbed mind?
Escaping reality is what these images are all about - pure fantasy. Although some of these images contain a high degree of sexual content, this is purely to enable me to express our vulnerabilities and fears. Fears which are often amplified by nudity.

Please explore these images, many of which contain a degree of humour too, and accept them for what they are... pure Distorted fantasies!
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