A gallery of images from my Tilted series
For many years I produced TV shows for Playboy and was lucky enough to photograph and work closely with some of the World's most beautiful women.

The inspiration for my Tilted Series comes from my work with the gorgeous girls. Their long-limbed elegance is personified by these strangely beautiful craetions, all named 'Dorothy'. Why are they all holding a cigarette and wearing a mask? - ask me and I'll tell you!

Below is a selection of some of these characters in their own unique environments.
The above images are available as either Fine Art Prints or it may be possible to acquire ownership via my NFT Gallery. The thumbnails and main images show signed framed prints which are limited to maximum of 25 per print. I have also produced a very limited number of large canvas prints. Please get in touch if you're interested in acquiring any of these.


The Metamorphosis of Dorothy

How she became who she is today
During the creation of my Tilted series, I experimented with many styles and visualisations, from photorealism to the 'Pop Art' style which I eventually adopted.

I'm still fascinated by Dorothy and will probably explore her in more detail in future artworks so her metamorphosis will continue so watch this space!
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