The Art of Phillip Jay

I like to think of my art as blurring the lines between fantasy and reality...

Stay long enough in my world of fantasy and dreams and you will discover a new, imagined reality

A reality where any thing or any being that you could possibly imagine, exists

Imagined Reality


Discover Passion

Passion and Purpose

Every image I create tells a story... stories based on events and experiences that have happened or that are about to happen

Leave your perceptions and prejudices behind and take a deep dive into my world of digital creations

I will share my passions and the purposes of my art...
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A Bit About Me...

Although formally trained as an artist using conventional media such as pen, ink and paints, I've also been creating digital art since the days of Commodore 64 and Atari 800. I've worked within the Television Industry on Quantel Paintbox during the 80's. I've also worked closely and creatively with some of the biggest brands in the World.

However, I now consider myself to be and independent 'Professional Artist' able to exercise complete freedom of thought and design. A freedom that takes me through the realms of beauty and photorealism but more recently my works have plunged me into a fantasy world of myths and magic. A world populated by the weird and wonderful.

Hopefully, you will feel inspired to discover more about my art and me but please be warned... do not enter my world if you are easily shocked or offended by nudity, images of a sexual or occasionally, of a violent nature!
More About Me

Want to see some examples of my work?

My art is generally themed with each theme having its own unique story and inspirational root. However, not every image is suitable for the young or those of you who are offended by images of a sexual or sometimes violent nature so please leave now if feel that any of the previous descriptions apply to you.
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Imagined Reality

Imagined Reality

Photorealistic Digitally Created People
Shades of

Shades of...

A Celebration of Gender Neutrality


Inspirations From One of My Past Lives
We Dance

We Dance

Sensual and Sublime, Balletic Beauty
Legends of the Sidhe

Legends of the Sidhe

A Story of Myths and Legends
Let's Rock

Let's Rock!

Girls Are Loud - Let's Rock 'n' Roll!
Distorted Fantasies

Distorted Fantasies

Impossible Creatures Carefully Crafted


Illustrated Art of The Fan

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Press & Publicity

To download past and present Press Releases together with selected high resolution images of my work, please contact me to obtain access to the Press and Publicity Area of this website.