Horrendum Pagani

A gallery of images from my Killer Clowns series

Coulrophobia brings on feelings of fear when you see clowns or clown images. It’s a specific phobic disorder that causes anxiety, a racing heart, nausea and profuse sweating. Some people need exposure therapy to help manage their reactions to clowns and clown images.

I suffer from coulrophobia. Always have. Always will. In fact, in my younger days I would never visit a McDonald's Restaurant for fear of bumping into Ronald!

In an attempt to allay my fears and phobia, during the early part of 2021, I set out to create a gallery of Killer Clown representations laced with a touch of morbid sensuality. To date, I've produce over 1,000 images, each one unique and offering its own sense of fear and fascination. The gallery you see here is just a small random sample of the images I've created and curated.

To create such a large number of images, I experimented with various AI and Generative Art programs. This proved extremely valuable but each image still needed hours of post-processing in Photoshop to create the look I was after. This work has virtually taken over my life for almost two years. Hopefully the results justify my efforts.


Although I'm not cured of my culrophobia, I feel the need to dispose of my creations and pass ownership to others who may or may not share my fear (or fascination) with Killer Clowns. Incidentally, FYI 'Horrendum Pagani' translates to 'Horrible Clowns' or taken literally, 'Horrendous Pagans'.

The full collection of over 1,000 images is to be made available as CryptoArt NFT's. Please get in touch if you want more details of where you can acquire these images.

Horrendum Pagani

Horrendum Pagani

A collection of disturbing images spawned in the twisted mind of Phillip Jay now available as a series of NFT's

To date, I have created over 1,000 'Horrendum Pagani' images. Each image is unique and although their creation was assisted using generative art software, the final results have all been individually crafted by me over many hundred's of hours. As a result, you are now able to acquire a unique piece of artwork that's not available anywhere else.

The resolution of each piece varies but they have all been designed with the ability to reproduce at high resolution. For example, the portrait images are 2500px x 1750px whereas the landscape images are at least 1920px wide.

Details of where these images will be offered for sale will follow shortly.

"It’s a mistake to ask when did clowns go bad – because they were never ‘good’ to begin with"
Benjamin Radford
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