Shades of...

A gallery of images celebrating gender neutrality

We are who we are or who we choose to become so why does society require us to wear badges that indicate our sexuality, our culture, our race or religion?

Man, woman, lesbian, transexual, bi-sexual, queer, black, white, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim... I see only Shades of People.

Here is a selection of portraits depicting some of those shades.


The above images are available as either Fine Art Prints or it may be possible to acquire ownership via my NFT Gallery. The thumbnails and main images show signed framed prints which are limited to maximum of 25 per print.  Please get in touch if you're interested in acquiring any of these.


Creating shades...

From pencil and paper to digital art
As is the case with many of my digital artworks, they often start life as a pencil drawing.

I spend hours simply sketching my ideas using traditional media such as pencil or pen and ink. These simple drawings provide the seeds for my digital interpretations.

I sometimes scan my original drawings to use as a 'base' over which I then structure the digital version, building many layers into the type of images you see here. Sometime I sketch using a graphic tablet or iPad but I still prefer the 'feel' of pencil on paper!
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